Ian (Jim) Purtell

President 2016-

Jim is a heavy tow truck driver and an orchid lover.  Many people are amazed when they see Jim and can't believe he's a lover of flower.  But it's true, Jim enjoys playing with them. He finds it's a calming thing to do.  Jim didn't have much to do with orchids until he met his wife who had them most of her life.  Soon he got right into orchids as well. He started working at an Orchid Nursery and learned a great deal about them very quickly. Jim was born and bred on the land down in the Riverina on farms. So it was just a bit different than growing crops and farming cows and sheep but just the same only a bit smaller.  Now that he is President, he is loving what he's doing. Even though he has never done this sort of thing before, he is doing his best with the help of other members and committee members. "With everyone's help we will endeavour to make this club as good as any other around and improve the knowledge of all on the benefits of growing orchids

Leanne Davey

Vice President


Teresa Bourke


Joined in August 2016.  Her favourite orchid is the cymbidium.  Teresa joined the Shoalhaven Orchid Society to gain as much knowledge as possible in order to grow her favourite orchid, the cymbidium.  Since joining, Teresa has discovered a world of new species and sub-species that she never dreamed even existed.  Needless to say Teresa is a Novice but hopes that one day she'll be able to bench a show winner.

Min Purtell


Min has been a member of the Shoalhaven Orchid Society for 4 years now and has learned quite a lot about orchids.  As a child, her parents grew them and Min found that they gave her soul because she finds them so beautiful.  Min's favourite orchid is the Cymbidium, but has branched out and now grows many other varieties as well.

Ross & Michelle Hahn


Ross and Michelle joined the Shoalhaven Orchid Society in September of 2012 after seeing an Orchid Show in the Church Hall in Nowra.  Michelle's favourite orchid is the Phalaneopsis but Ross has no favourites, to him they are all beautiful.  To this day Ross is still learning about how to look after them and keep them bug free.

Monica Bailey


Sharon Pugh



Stuart Crowther

Life Member

Colin Marstin

Life Member

Lynne Phelan

Life Member

Alan Stephenson

Life Member

John Webb

Life Member

Allan Taylor

Life Member